Principles and Practice of Scale Squeeze Management

Written and presented by experts in scale squeeze application and management this course covers key Safety and Environmental hazards, providing examples of typical scale squeeze design, the critical importance of following the squeeze programme and how the chemical make-up should be tested prior to pumping.

Safety and Environmental considerations shall be covered in conjunction with safe sampling techniques, the importance of avoiding contamination of samples, various analysis techniques and the importance of correct sample preservation.

Training shall cover examples of good and bad practices and the implications of both, how the analysis of produced water squeeze returns is carried out in specialist laboratories and how they are able to identify any problems with application or performance of the scale squeeze.

Management of scale formation within the well bore and process plant is critical to oilfield production rates, field life and associated export revenue.

This course has been designed to provide comprehensive training to the pumping crew and chemists involved in the application and management of Scale Squeeze operations.

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