LabSkills™ Training Programme

LabSkills Training Programme

LabSkills is a unique competency based Laboratory training programme designed by Oleochem NuLab trainers to meet the specific needs of our clients and offer every individual the opportunity to receive in depth, hands-on training specific to their needs.

You can set your own course with LabSkills through the selection of practical short modules in a structured combination, each of which are designed to help you gain effective training in association with International Laboratory Standards and assist you to demonstrate high levels of professional competence.

Oleochem NuLab can assist your company with Outsourcing your specialist training requirements using the LabSkills Training Programme to deliver knowledge and develop competence in the laboratory.

Contact us to find out how Oleochem NuLab can help you develop your own unique LabSkills programme and provide advanced learning.

With 100+ years of laboratory and training experience Oleochem NuLab offers the most comprehensive range of Laboratory competency based training courses available in the oil and gas industry.

Each module is designed to deliver effective training that engages and educates. Informative and motivational courses are delivered by knowledgeable and highly competent trainers with between 10-35 years experience of laboratory management.

Because training, competency and safety go ‘hand in hand’ we pride ourselves in the quality of our comprehensive training manuals provided to every delegate.

Oleochem NuLab have an extensive history of developing courses which are company or asset specific ensuring that the training received by the individual is both appropriate for, and compatible with the overall training ethos of your company.

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